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    1. Money doesn’t ensure/guarantee happiness. 金钱不等于(语义对等,用词对等容易汉语干扰)快乐。

    2. Contacts between cultures promote understanding among peoples of the world. 文化的接触促进了世界人民之间的理解。


    3. A healthy and better-educated new generation is a guarantee for sustainable economic and social development of our country.健康的、受过良好教育的一代新人是我国经济、社会可持续发展的保障。

    4. The victory of Chinese women’s volleyball team at the Olympic Games was a great inspiration to all Chinese people. 中国女排在奥运会上所取得的胜利极大地鼓舞了中国人民。 (名词结构做主语)

    5. Japanese invasion of China during World War II met with determined and fierce resistance from the Chinese people. 二战期间日本对中国的侵略遭到了中国人民坚决而激烈的抵抗。 (名词结构做主语)

    6. The ability to take part in space exploration represents the level of a nation’s scientific and economic development. 参与太空探索的能力代表了一个国家的科技和经济发展的水平。(主语)

    7. Many students find giving an effective oral presentation difficult and stressful. 很多学生觉得有效的口头表达困难而紧张。(宾补或双宾语)

    8. Both men and women consider marriage a very important part of their lives. 男性和女性都认为婚姻是人生的一个重要组成部分。(宾补或双宾语)

    9. Juvenile delinquency, one of the most controversial issues throughout the world, has attracted a lot of attention from both the social scientists and the general public.青少年犯罪是当今世界颇有争议的问题之一,吸引了社会学者和普通公众的广泛注意。(处理为同位语)


    10. In the past three decades, many countries have formulated laws and regulations to protect animals from being abused or killed, and many have set up reservation areas to protect endangered animals. 过去的三十年中,许多国家都制定了法律和法规,保护动物免遭虐待或屠杀,还有许多国家建立了保护地,保护濒临灭绝的动物。

    11. Eye contact may convey sincerity and attentiveness in Western cultures but too much eye contact may embarrass people in some Oriental cultures. 在西方文化,目光接触能传递真诚和关注,但太多的目光接触在某些东方文化中则令人窘迫。

    12. For the rich, good education, travel, luxury and security are all readily available, while the poor attain these with great difficulty, if at all. 对富人们来说,好的教育、旅游、奢侈以及保障都是唾手可得的,而穷人们即便想得到一点,难度都很大。

    13. The more we find out about the universe, the more confused we seem to become. 我们越了解宇宙,我们似乎就变得越迷惑。


    14. People from different countries speak different languages, keep different value systems, and have different ways of looking at things. 不同国家的人们说不同的语言,有不同的价值体系,和看待事情不同的方式。

    15. Sustainable development means to pursue economic development and at the same time take measures to protect the environment. 可持续发展意味着追求经济发展的同时采取措施保护环境。

    16. There are many things you can do to help you recall past events, such as keeping a diary, buying postcards, and taking photos. 有许多事情可做,来帮助你回忆过去的事情,比如记笔记,买贺卡,拍照片。

    17. Scientists and environmentalists have repeatedly warned us of serious environmental problems such as water and air pollution, water shortages, diminishing natural resources, toxic wastes, and deforestation. 科学家和环保主义者一再告诫我们所存在的严重环境问题,例如水和空气的污染、水资源的短缺、缩减的自然资源、有毒垃圾以及砍伐森林。

    18. Technology is making life more convenient and enjoyable but is also affecting the environment in harmful ways. 技术使生活变得更便捷和美好,但也对环境产生了破坏。

    19. Many elderly people have difficulty remembering recent events but may retain vivid memories of what happened to them a long time ago. 许多老人很难记得刚发生的事情,但却对很久以前发生在自己身上的事情留有清晰的记忆。

    20. Smoking is dangerous not only to the smokers themselves but also to the non-smokers around them. 吸烟不仅对吸烟者自身有害,而且对周围的非吸烟者也有害。

    21. In giving an oral presentation, we should not only organize information and ideas coherently but also deliver the speech in a clear and vivid way. 进行口头陈述时,我们不仅要把内容和想法连贯地组织好,还要清楚生动地表述好。

    22. A growing number of adults find themselves not only parenting their children, but providing care for their parents as well. 越来越多的成年人发现自己不仅要照顾好孩子,而且还要关照好自己的父母。

    23. Teachers should set an example for the students; at all times they should be the guides of the students as well as the friends of them. 老师们应该给学生们树立榜样;不管什么时候,他们既要做学生们的朋友,又要做学生们的导师。

    24. A person stuck in an unhappy marriage faces only two options: stay married and miserable, or get divorced and, hopefully, become happy. 陷于痛苦婚姻的人有两个选择:要么维持婚姻,继续痛苦;要么离婚,并可望,获得快乐。


    25. I like to make friends with those who are honest and kind-hearted.我喜欢和那些诚实善良的人交朋友。

    26. Films that involve too much violence are harmful to young people. 暴力镜头太多的电影对年轻人是有害的。

    27. The euro has become a major international trading currency that rivals the U.S. dollar. 欧元已经成为一种可以与美元抗衡的国际贸易结算货币。

    28. The excitement that the World Cup Soccer Games bring about can be felt in every land. 世界杯足球赛所引发的热潮在每个地方都能感受到。


    29. Some people may be addicted to netsurfing, which impairs their physical and mental health. 有些人沉迷于网上冲浪,这对他们的身心健康有害。

    30. Lakes and rivers are becoming seriously polluted, which aggravates (worsens) the shortage of fresh water. 湖泊河流正在被严重污染,这使淡水的短缺变得愈加严重。

    31. China is politically stable and economically optimistic, which is the main reason why so much foreign investment is attracted. 中国政治稳定、经济乐观,这就是许多外国投资被吸引过来的主要原因。


    32. I will definitely reject the view that human beings need animal protein to remain healthy. 我将断然拒绝人类需要动物蛋白才能健康的说法。

    33. The argument that human cloning may have great medical significance is totally unacceptable. 人的克隆具有重大的医疗意义的说法绝对不能接受。


    34. Whether you plan to stay for a week or for a year in a new place, you will benefit from learning about the place before you go. 在一个新地方无论是呆一周还是呆一年,去之前了解一些当地的情况肯定有益。

    35. Money, whatever form it takes, is essential for buying goods and services. 钱,不管什么形式,都是购买商品和服务所不可缺少的。

    36. Since China adopted opening-up policies at the end of the 1970s, some 340,000 Chinese students have gone abroad for education at various levels. 自从中国在70年代末采取开放政策以来,大约有340,000的中国学生出国接受不同层次的教育。

    37. Laughter is rightly called the best medicine as it relieves not only the one who laughs, but those around him as well. 笑确实是最好的药,因为它不仅放松笑的人,而且也会令周围的人放松。

    38. People who work in offices are frequently referred to as‘ white collar workers‘ for the simple reason that they usually wear a collar and tie to go to work. 办公室的人员经常被称为白令就是因为他们通常穿白领、打领带去上班。


    39. People, not realizing that water resources on the earth are limited, waste a great amount of water every day. 由于意识不到地球水资源的有限性,人们每天都浪费很多水。

    40. Citizens have the right to know the truth and supervise the celebrity, thus forming a kind of public opinion. 公民有权了解事实,监督名人,从而形成公众舆论。

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